Sonntag, 3. März 2024

Learning from the Sea/ Lecture and Workshop at Okeanos Foundation for the Sea

Sharing my two years experience as a wave writer. I looked closely at the connection between forest and sea. The topography of the sea floor. Bodies of water in Japan. The transformation of a whale fall. I read Gilles Deleuze and Robin Wall-Kimmerer, Ursula K. Le Guin and Octavia Butler. I talked with Ama divers and people from the Haida Nation. I took students to the mediterranean to teach them Nature Writing and we met so many whales, that we stopped counting. For two years I kept a Wave Diary through all and everything, jotting down thought, encounters, collecting flotsam and jetsam of an interconnected earth.

Sonntag, 3. März 2024

Research & Aesthetic/ Teaching at SRH University Berlin

When does research turn into an aesthetic experience? And, is it possible to feel one's way through data? Sharing my own tools and experiences with students from SRH University, with the wonderful Prof. Anna Rosa Krau.

Mittwoch, 24. Januar 2024

Winner. Best Literary Travelbook 2024.

The ITB, the worlds biggest tourism fair, have just announced that we will be awarded Best Literary Travel Guide. We thank the Jury and all of our readers. The ceremony will be on March 5th, 2024 in Berlin.

Dienstag, 9. Januar 2024

Wisdom of the Sea/ Japan Travelogue

Seven weeks in Japan, researching bodies of water and loneliness, thanks to a grant by the Okeanos Foundation for the Sea. The 14 travelogues are now online and can be read in German or English.

"My own pilgrimage was to feel into the connections we have with water: the sea, rivers, canals, estuaries, waterfalls, sacred lakes, mundane ponds, aquascapes and street aquariums. The lives they hold; our estrangement from their flows and the loneliness this stirs within us. I am hoping to be taken to places and thoughts I had not foreseen."


Winner. Best Literary Travelbook 2024.

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