Mittwoch, 17. April 2024

Towards an interconnectedness of science and senses/ Intensive writing course at UdK

To become another. Been teaching all week an intensive course on Nature Writing - towards transformation and interconnectedness at UdK. We looked at the survival strategies of viruses, bacteria, mushrooms, genetic modification and poisons. We visited the Robert Koch Institute, spend some time at the National Gallery listening to paintings and discussed silk punk, science writing, sci-fi, speculative fiction, creative non-fiction with texts by Karen Russell, Octavia Butler, Benjamin Labatout, Merlin Sheldrake and Natassja Martin. Our lives are so entangled. Loved working things out with the students, loved to listen to their ideas, loved to spend 5 days or 35 hours together exploring.

Mittwoch, 17. April 2024

Fishing in Japan/ Deutschlandfunk Kultur Weltzeit

While researching bodies of water in Japan, I got side-tracked by all the stories I would gather from talking to fishermen and women. A strange pattern appeared. A new, old way of living off the sea in different ports between Hokkaido and Kyushu. Sometimes so humble, it made my heart ache. My radio piece about the new fishing culture in the land of sushi is now out on German national radio. Weltzeit. Deutschlandfunk Kultur. and is available in the archives for a year. There are some truly silly ideas, like the giant squid statue, there is denial, loss, blaming others, but mostly I saw appreciation and respect for the marine species that become food. There is also a sense of urgency that runs as an undercurrent through every encounter. Listen to the piece here.



  • 26.03.2024    Radio Radiobeitrag: Fishing in Japan
    Deutschlandfunk Kultur Weltzeit Radio
  • 18.03.2024    Berlin Nature Writing – Writing Nature
    UdK Berlin
  • 15.03.2024    Okeanos – Stiftung für das Meer Nature Writing – Writing Nature
    Okeanos – Stiftung für das Meer Okeanos – Stiftung für das Meer
  • 05.03.2024    Berlin Award Ceremony. Winner Best Literary Travel Book
    ITB Berlin
  • 26.02.2024    Berlin Recherche & Ästhetik
    SRH University of Applied Sciences Berlin
  • 16.02.2024    Okeanos – Stiftung für das Meer Wave Writing- writing waves
    Okeanos – Stiftung für das Meer Okeanos – Stiftung für das Meer

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Für Immer und Jetzt

Auch der Stern mag das Buch!

und die Elle, Brigitte, Freundin, Spiegel...

Stern – Für Immer und Jetzt


Winner Best Literary Travelbook

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