Samstag, 11. November 2023

Aspekte des Lebendigen. Interview with Textmanufaktur.

When my schedule allows, I teach Nature Writing. It is all about opening portals of sensing into what lies deep within us and connects us with the so-called natural world. We do exercises and explorations and I learn just as much as my students do. „The trees, the animals and the rivers: every aspect of the world remembers all we do and all we say, and even sometimes, what we dream and think. This is why we should take great care with the thoughts we formulate, for the world forgets nothing, and each of the elements within it sees, hears and knows, what has happened, what is occurring now and what lies ahead." Natasja Martin, in: In the eye of the wild.

Textmanufaktur, one of the schools I teach, interviewed me on my approach to Nature Writing. You find the interview here.


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